long week

August 29, 2008

This has been a really long week here…Started out on Saturday gathering materials for a website refresh we are working on-then back on Sunday doing some more compressions of archived projects. Trying to get kinda creative with this site and had to make a lot of thumbnails. Then, when the work week actually started I didn’t see the light of day-instead I was locked in this room (now know as my “office”) with the blinds closed and the AC on. 10 hr days minimum and 15hr maximum. I’m burnt out. However, its been a very productive week and I got a lot done.


I bought a new RAID system and had some trouble installing it. The company, 3ware, shipped me out a brand new unit overnight and the second didn’t work either. Apparently, after long phone calls, internet research and forum postings, 3ware decided it was a bug in the installer. 


I have to work this weekend too, and Monday, too, even though its a holiday (Labor Day). Next week is ASR (Action Sports Retailer) so its really a 2 day week, but for me its like a 12 day week.


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