Tennis Commercial

September 12, 2008

We had the opportunity to shoot a pretty cool tennis commercial last spring at Winner’s Tennis Club in Solana Beach, Ca. This Nike type commercial was shot on the revolutionary RED One camera by Ernesto Lomeli. After months of planning and pre-production we began shooting just after the sun went down and into the wee hours of the night (3am ish). Then post too several months to complete because of the entirely new, custom workflow we had to create to finish the project. After several rounds of editing we had a color correct done by David Gott and sound work done by Chris Drozdowski and Leon Muraglia. We are very grateful for the help of Cherie Lim-who did all the creative and editing on the spec, and Gene Sive-who rented us all his gear and equipment. The commercial is currently being shopped around to many tennis and sports related companies so keep your eye out for something similar on TV! Tar Productions


2 Responses to “Tennis Commercial”

  1. Feast on Your Life! said

    …he’s wearing New Balances?

  2. tarproductions said

    He is wearing New Balances. He’s also wearing an Addidas shirt and Nike shorts. We wanted to leave this spec as open as possible to show any potential customers where their logo can fit in. Also, in doing this, we aren’t bias towards any company. Thanks. Tim.

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