Blog has moved permanently

February 27, 2009

We’ve moved our blog permanently

Sorry we haven’t updated in months, we’ve been inundated with On A Rail:Europe and a few other projects. The good news is that we have a new website and we are getting back on the blogging-thanks for reading and continually checking back.

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Tar Productions


Vimeo and YouTube are officially battling it out for video quality supremacy on the Internet. YouTube is clearly the winner as far as audience goes, but, for a long time Vimeo has had better quality and embedding-but, not anymore. A few weeks ago some figured out you could hack YouTube’s embed code to the high quality. YouTube was testing these features, however, they are now official and released. For any video that is uploaded in high enough quality you can embed them in HD. Some are saying the the quality is better than Vimeo becuase of the coded YouTube uses is superior (YouTube is using a h.264 while Vimeo uses a flash encoder). Here’s a music video that we worked on with DPO productions-Butch Walker’s The Weight of Her starring Taryn Manning. Hope you enjoy.

YouTube HD

Tomás Whitmore Imagery

November 9, 2008

This is a music video done by my friend Tomás Whitmore. Tomás and I went to film school together and collaborated on lots of projects. This video is really well done and creatively put together. We should have posted it a while ago.

Hope you enjoy.

Unique Music Video

September 23, 2008

We found a pretty cool music video today. They used a similar technique to our Visual Petition video.

Here’s what the author has to say about it:
This music video is an abstract journey in our everyday surroundings, illustrating moments of life in a continuous way.
A trip into 4500 still photographs, a travel where urban landscapes meet pastoral scenes to create a whirlpool around the theme of the video: the subjective point of view and urban life.

This video was created with a stop motion technique, it was conceived with a very simple Nikon Coolpix E4600. There is no video in it, but not less than 4500 still photos taken in the streets of Nancy and Epinal (France).

Visual Petition

September 21, 2008

Pro surfer Dave “Rasta” Rastovich is truly an activist. He, along with some friends, have started a very unique campaign to stop international whaling-specifically off the coast of Japan and Norway. Thus far the Visual Petition have had thousands of entries. Celebrity participants include Kelly Slater, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Adrian Grenier, Andy Irons, Mick Fanning, Taj Mahal and many more.

Tar Productions produced and edited this short piece to help get the word out there. The VP team took it to Chile this past June and showed it to a panel at a huge international whaling convention. We had a lot of fun doing it and hope you enjoy it.

We had a booth at ASR (Action Sports Retailer) last weekend. As usual it was really hectic and a huge scene. We were part of the Glue Network’s booth along with Tom’s Shoes-stuck between SRH, No Fear and Tap Out. Could you imagine us in between those companies? It was fun though and I gave out some golden tickets. I’ve heard a lot about the upcoming Agenda show. I’ve never been but its supposedly for more creative, artistic companies and people walk by your booth and stop and actually give you the time of day-they’re not there looking for free gear.


Also ran across a comprehensive list of what companies are doing what to market themselves in the social media. This is pretty interesting to serve as a case study and could be a good starting point for anyone/company looking to do the same. We have had amazing success with viral videos and social marketing. One of our viral videos has been one of the most successful viral ever entitled Skater Ollies Car. Send an email to info (at) if you are interested in getting a viral video produced and marketed. The list is on Peter Kim’s blog and you can check it out here.

Tar Productions

This is the car ollie where a skater ollies over a moving car. If you google something along those lines you will see about 100 results and how viral videos can spread like wildfire on the internet and gather millions of eyes.

The Girl Effect

September 3, 2008

Found an interesting and moving video the other day. Its called “The Girl Effect” and is about how helping just one girl who lives in poverty can have a remarkable positive chain reaction on the entire community. You’ll see.