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February 27, 2009

We’ve moved our blog permanently

Sorry we haven’t updated in months, we’ve been inundated with On A Rail:Europe and a few other projects. The good news is that we have a new website and we are getting back on the blogging-thanks for reading and continually checking back.

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Vimeo and YouTube are officially battling it out for video quality supremacy on the Internet. YouTube is clearly the winner as far as audience goes, but, for a long time Vimeo has had better quality and embedding-but, not anymore. A few weeks ago some figured out you could hack YouTube’s embed code to the high quality. YouTube was testing these features, however, they are now official and released. For any video that is uploaded in high enough quality you can embed them in HD. Some are saying the the quality is better than Vimeo becuase of the coded YouTube uses is superior (YouTube is using a h.264 while Vimeo uses a flash encoder). Here’s a music video that we worked on with DPO productions-Butch Walker’s The Weight of Her starring Taryn Manning. Hope you enjoy.

YouTube HD

YouTube in HD

November 21, 2008

YouTube is going HD. And guess what? Its better than Vimeo’s HD (apparently) embed. You can read an article on how to embed and play YouTube HD here. Additionally you can read an article here on how you play back videos on YouTube’s site in HD.

This seems like its going to take off for two reasons. First, YouTube is the largest and most popular video sharing site out there (and being owned by Google its probably going to stay that way for a long, long while). Secondly, its free! (for now at least). I could hardly imagine YouTube beginning to charge for this service, but they are struggling to turn a profit on it. Vimeo is currently charging per view of embedded HD video.

Hope you enjoy.

Cool Screenwriting App

November 17, 2008

Hey all,

We just got the new version of Celtx-a popular (and free) screenwriting application that seems to be taking over the indie film world. We use it all the time. They just released a new version (1.00) and it has a lot of improvements.
If you’re into this kind of stuff we recommend this app for all your projects.
Hope you enjoy.

One of the companies that our sister company, Koerce Media, works with a lot is a social networking webpage caled Mojo often hosts social events at various locations and asked one of Koerce’s artist, Rogan, to come down and help out on a live mural painting. We followed to shoot a time-lapse. Hope you enjoy.

Viral Video Techniques

October 15, 2008

Viral videos are rapidly becoming a choice form of formal marketing for many companies such as Nike, Red Bull and even individuals. Ever seen that Nike commercial where Kobe Bryant jumps over a car? Without any links or associations his site jumped by the millions. There are certain aspects and ways to get a video out there in addition to executing these videos. Viral videos are unique for these two reasons. Although considered a raw form of advertising, viral videos carefully designed and produced for specific results and target markets. Viral videos can also be seeded to specific sites, demographics and/or users. Although rates are comparable to cable television advertising viral videos hold a greater value. First, users will see them when they and in the environment they want. Second, sometimes they don’t know that they are watching an advertisement that is suppose to be spurring interest and driving sales. Third, it can always be viewed, for free, in perpetuity, on the internet.

Companies such as Yellow Cake Media are leading the way to get these videos into the hands of specific, targeted demographics. Tar Productions has used YCM on multiple projects in the past and has sees unprecedented results. YCM has vastly grown since their startup earlier this year and they have seen greater success than others who have been in the business longer and advertising firms. Together YCK and Tar Productions are working together to further fulfill this potential and execute more campaigns on what is sure to be the leading method of advertisers of the future.

New Project in Production

October 2, 2008

We are starting a new project today. We have just flown to France and will be running around Europe for the next two-and-a-half weeks. Dylan Graves and I are going to get some shots in Paris and tomorrow we will take the train down to Lisbon, Portugal to meet up with the rest of our crew.

We’ll make updates as much as possible. The next one will have some pictures.

Tar Productions in HD

September 29, 2008

We have just completed an little upgrade that now allows to us do all of our production work in HD. While we have been doing HD work on the post production side of things for some time, we are just completing our production equipment to be full-resolution 1080p HD. Thats tech talk for “great images.” 

Expect all of our upcoming productions to be of the highest imagery available. This comes just in time for our next travel documentary that goes into production this week (European Rail Travel and Surfing).

This was originally posted on my personal blog but I thought I would post it here since it relates to my business as well.

So just to put things into perspective here…I am a mid 20s, white, middle class, male. I have a college education and my own (pretty small) business editing videos-most action sports, and inside that mostly surfing. Business has been pretty steady but Im not living the rich life or anything. I would like more jobs, I guess, or even better, I would like jobs that pay better.

Anyways, I just booked a 3 week trip through Europe with some friends and bought a new HD camera package at around $10,000USD. Does this make me stupid? The economy is on the brink of failure and Im sitting here blowing my cushion for these kinds of times. I was really hesitant at first and almost regretted my decision-I mean, this is almost my entire life savings. But, I do have a plan and I talked with a friend who reassured me my decision was a good one.

I will be going on this trip to document it and hoping to market something out of it to make back my investment, or even better, come out on top a little. There are a few ways that I think I can do this. The camera package I purchased was on 0% financing for 6 months-as long as I pay it all back before then I don’t pay any interest. Now, the money is in the bank, and hopefully it still will be in 6 months time. I plan on paying a little back each month and if I need more money upon my due date, then I will sell the camera for about 80% of what I paid and look at it like a 6 month camera rental for about $2,000. Now, the rental fees for this same package is about $3,000 a month. So, I would keep the camera for 5 more months and spend $1,000 less. Seems like a good idea. Also, I could probably buy a new camera at that time and do the same financing and keep this process going. This would mean that I would always have brand new, top-of-the-line equipment.

Can I go wrong here? There are the obvious risks such as theft and/or not being able to get the price you want for it-but these are both extremes and are still existing if I were planning on keeping the camera for a longer period of time.

Also, I talked with a friend about the economy and he assured me that now is the best time to start a business. There is the least amount of competition and your competitors are probably scaling back anyway. He seemed to think that this is also the best time to buy a house or remodel your current home. Costs are down-they will be going back up in the near future and your investment will pay for itself in no time. Agree? If you have the will and good business fundamentals I would agree.

So, look at these times as an opportunity rather than a time to sit back and wait to see what happens.

Good luck.


We had a booth at ASR (Action Sports Retailer) last weekend. As usual it was really hectic and a huge scene. We were part of the Glue Network’s booth along with Tom’s Shoes-stuck between SRH, No Fear and Tap Out. Could you imagine us in between those companies? It was fun though and I gave out some golden tickets. I’ve heard a lot about the upcoming Agenda show. I’ve never been but its supposedly for more creative, artistic companies and people walk by your booth and stop and actually give you the time of day-they’re not there looking for free gear.


Also ran across a comprehensive list of what companies are doing what to market themselves in the social media. This is pretty interesting to serve as a case study and could be a good starting point for anyone/company looking to do the same. We have had amazing success with viral videos and social marketing. One of our viral videos has been one of the most successful viral ever entitled Skater Ollies Car. Send an email to info (at) if you are interested in getting a viral video produced and marketed. The list is on Peter Kim’s blog and you can check it out here.

Tar Productions

This is the car ollie where a skater ollies over a moving car. If you google something along those lines you will see about 100 results and how viral videos can spread like wildfire on the internet and gather millions of eyes.