Vimeo and YouTube are officially battling it out for video quality supremacy on the Internet. YouTube is clearly the winner as far as audience goes, but, for a long time Vimeo has had better quality and embedding-but, not anymore. A few weeks ago some figured out you could hack YouTube’s embed code to the high quality. YouTube was testing these features, however, they are now official and released. For any video that is uploaded in high enough quality you can embed them in HD. Some are saying the the quality is better than Vimeo becuase of the coded YouTube uses is superior (YouTube is using a h.264 while Vimeo uses a flash encoder). Here’s a music video that we worked on with DPO productions-Butch Walker’s The Weight of Her starring Taryn Manning. Hope you enjoy.

YouTube HD


New West mini music video

September 30, 2008

Here’s another video we did for New West. This is a performance-only video, kinda like a mini music video. We shot it the same time we did the montage for them and it was a pretty interesting shoot. Anytime you try and fly under the radar with tons of production equipment, 15 person crew and blasting amps in a small, very old apartment building in Los Angeles you can expect confrontation. One neighbor came up yelling at us because the guitar amps woke him up at 12:30 in the afternoon-apparently this guy’s got a lot going on. Another neighbor came up to roof pretty pissed off at 10:30 that same night. It was on a Sunday. Hope you enjoy.