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September 15, 2008


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Tennis Spec :30

September 15, 2008

Here’s a :30 cut of our tennis spec in HD.

and here’s the :60 sec cut that is posted below in HD


Tar Productions

We had a booth at ASR (Action Sports Retailer) last weekend. As usual it was really hectic and a huge scene. We were part of the Glue Network’s booth along with Tom’s Shoes-stuck between SRH, No Fear and Tap Out. Could you imagine us in between those companies? It was fun though and I gave out some golden tickets. I’ve heard a lot about the upcoming Agenda show. I’ve never been but its supposedly for more creative, artistic companies and people walk by your booth and stop and actually give you the time of day-they’re not there looking for free gear.


Also ran across a comprehensive list of what companies are doing what to market themselves in the social media. This is pretty interesting to serve as a case study and could be a good starting point for anyone/company looking to do the same. We have had amazing success with viral videos and social marketing. One of our viral videos has been one of the most successful viral ever entitled Skater Ollies Car. Send an email to info (at) if you are interested in getting a viral video produced and marketed. The list is on Peter Kim’s blog and you can check it out here.

Tar Productions

This is the car ollie where a skater ollies over a moving car. If you google something along those lines you will see about 100 results and how viral videos can spread like wildfire on the internet and gather millions of eyes.