YouTube in HD

November 21, 2008

YouTube is going HD. And guess what? Its better than Vimeo’s HD (apparently) embed. You can read an article on how to embed and play YouTube HD here. Additionally you can read an article here on how you play back videos on YouTube’s site in HD.

This seems like its going to take off for two reasons. First, YouTube is the largest and most popular video sharing site out there (and being owned by Google its probably going to stay that way for a long, long while). Secondly, its free! (for now at least). I could hardly imagine YouTube beginning to charge for this service, but they are struggling to turn a profit on it. Vimeo is currently charging per view of embedded HD video.

Hope you enjoy.


MySpacing it up!

September 3, 2008

We’ve been working on building our MySpace page. Its brand new and I’ve never really been on it before so it might be kinda lame-but we’re working on it. This is the digital, social networking revolution…


Also our YouTube page

Friend request us! It will make us feel cool and help up produce more good work.